Frequently Asked Questions

At Hippos Auto Spa we want to make detailing as simple as possible. Below are some frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t listed below, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team on 0710-256-557.

To clean or not to clean? That's not even the question! Automobile engines need cleaning. Contrary to popular beliefs that modern engines with 'sensors' shouldn't be cleaned, we want to let you know with us your engine is in safe hands. We have years of experience detailing various kinds of engines. See our gallery engine section

While detailing is a time consuming process that lasts even days, at Hippos we have perfected and continously improved our detailing methods to deliver great results in a short time

Yes we do. Nairobi and its environs. Schedule your appointment by clicking here

Through our appointment booking form, you can let us know which service you need and when you want it done. Once this is done we'll give you a call to confirm all the details.

No! That's the beauty of it all. You get to drive away as soon as we are done. We don't remove your seats out to clean them instead we detail them whilst inside the car using dry steam and foaming chemicals to leave your interior super clean and smelling good. See some of our works by clicking here

Yes. Let us know by calling us or booking right here.

First of all we use a number of techniques to clean a car's interior and this is dependent on the design and make of the interior and also the degree of dirt and stains. We mainly use dry steam and automobile detailing foam chemicals to clean the interior.

Yes we do offer discounts for customer's with more than 1 car

Yes you can but we prefer bookings. Make your appointment here.

We remove all kinds of stains and oduor (e.g Cigarette) from a car's interior as well as on the exterior.

We do charge a little extra for very dirty cars. This is however dependent on the degree of dirt. e.g cars that have stayed in garages for long, cars from game drives etc.