Interior STEAM Detailing

@hipposautospa Mercedes GLC 250 meets CANDLE package #steamdetailing. Full upholstery including: ✅ Dashboard and plastic trim restoration ✅ leather seats cleaning and reconditioning ✅ roof/headliner ✅ trunk ✅ vents Location: Academy Road, Karen Give us a call on 0710 256 557 | book at www.hipposautospa.co.ke #cars #detailing #carlove #TOYOTA #carscenekenya #VW #VWGTi #vwgolf #mazda  #subaru #NISSAN #Mitsubishi #Pajero #TOYOTA #audi #BMW #mercedesamg #dodge  #mercedes #ultimatedetail #detailing ♬ Wrap It Up

Hippos’ interior steam detailing is a thorough and meticulous step by step cleaning and restoration of your car’s interior. We have continously improved our detailing methods to deliver super results.

stained seat before & after

Our interior detailing entails a thorough clean of the headliner (roof), seats (both leather and fabric), safety belts, floor, dashboard, centre console, trunk etc. Traditionally interior cleaning is usually a week long process as the seats and floor are allowed to dry after contact with water. At Hippos we have reduced this to only a 3 HOUR exercise and you get to drive away as soon as we are done.

Advantages of interior STEAM detailing

  • Oduor removal
  • You get to drive away as soon as we are done!
  • Free plastic panels restoration
  • Pocket friendly package

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