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@hipposautospa Laying down clear coat on the TOYOTA MARK X body frame . Work lined up: 🟦 Full repaint 🆓 Complementary engine bay and upholstery #steamdetailing 🆓 Buffing and paint correction 🆓 Headlight restoration 🆓 Watermark removal and more Stay tuned for updates on progress. Visit our blog to see some of our past work https://www.hipposautospa.co.ke/blog/. www.hipposautospa.co.ke  0710 256 557 #paint #painter #car #reel #painting #refinishing #subaru #detailing #carlove #TOYOTA #carscenekenya #VW #VWGTi #vwgolf  #subaru #NISSAN #Mitsubishi #Pajero #TOYOTA #audi #BMW #mercedesamg  #mercedes #ultimatedetail #detailing #ultimatedetail ♬ Taste

Paint refinishing is the act of repairing or reapplying paint on a car to keep it in tip-top condition. While a car’s paintwork will ship out from the factory with protection, it will still suffer from damages which are the result of using the car such as environment, accidents or just poor care (e.g cleaning with wrong detergents, no waxing etc).

A car owner will need to repaint a car to restore its original condition or maybe change the colour of the finish.

Considering that spray painting is a service that is offered in many places with highly varying quality of work and charges, here is why you should choose us to handle your car:

  • Factory level equipment and paint quality: This is not emphasised enough to car owners but where your car is painted determines the quality of the overall work done. The focus of most car owners is usually cost but that should be the least of your concerns instead pay more attention to the paint quality and environment. Paint refinishing requires a proper spray booth and spraying equipment.
  • Professionalism: This is critical! Having good equipment alone and paint quality does not guarantee a good paint job. Using the right procedure and steps during painting, matching body paint colour in repairs, following paint manufacturer guidelines, respecting client instructions etc are all key in delivering a top notch paint job.
  • Ultimate detail: With us, you get your car back as good as new courtesy of our tried and tested upholstery and engine bay steam detailing services. In addition to this, we'll remove watermark, restore your number plates all for free. For this reason, we refer to our paint job as the “Ultimate Detail”.

See our work at our blog on Paint Refinishing

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